What To Do Before Vasectomy

Once you and your partner are comfortable with your decision to proceed with vasectomy and have booked your procedure time, some instructions are important for you to follow:

  • Avoid any products containing aspirin (A.S.A.) for two weeks before the procedure. These include such things as some over-the-counter cough and cold remedies and antacid preparations. Aspirin acts as a blood thinner and could lead to increased risk of bleeding after the procedure.

  • Avoid other anti-inflammatories for one to two days before the procedure. These drugs have a similar effect to aspirin but are shorter acting.

  • Wash the scrotal area with an antibacterial skin wash on both the night before and the day of the procedure. This reduces the number of bacteria on the skin and lowers your risk of infection. There is no need to shave the area before coming in.

  • Eat your usual meal before the procedure. If you come in without having eaten, you may be more prone to experience some queasiness or nausea.

  • If you are extremely anxious about the procedure, ask your referring doctor for a prescription for a minor tranquilizer to take before the procedure. Most men do not require any sedation before the procedure.

  • If you have an extreme fear of needles, you may apply a topical anesthetic cream such as EMLA to the operative site 1—2 hours before the procedure.

  • Bring a tight fitting pair of underwear. This will hold the dressing in place and support the scrotum to minimize discomfort and swelling.

  • Arrange for someone to drive you home. The anesthetic may begin to wear off on your drive home and it is best if you are not behind the wheel when this happens. When the freezing wears off, you will experience a heavy, aching sensation in the groin.